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Movie Quote

Dirty Harry with Clint Eastwood:

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about me

This Blog is about me and some of my biggest interrests i will focus each interrest in different posts starting with this one which explains who i am and what i do.

Tags given to me by classmates:

smug "yes i know im the best"

relaxed "im just so damn easy"

funny "you know...."


i have choosen this pictue because i think it showcase all off my attributes, its just something quick i made so u guys can see the real me ;)


if you wanna capture the audience you need to think Predomiantory"man tænker over det"
clear is the way to go "klart"
you need to be Direct to prosper"direkte
Good to look at... well at least i am :) "godt at se på"
Different to do right"anderledes"

I am 20 years old and a multimedia designer.
my top favorite intersts are:
1. myself
2. F.C.Kobenhagen
3. Photoshop creations and editorials
4. The Matrix
5. Movies and Movie Classics

the reason i have called this blog Jacob Is The Matrix, is that i am obseesed with the thoughts behind the movie called The Matix. dont get me wong i loved the movie too but the ideas behind are just revolutionary to me. just imagine that we live in a reality which is not real and everything around you ae nothing but a computer generated reality.

my favorite beverage:


The Matrix

The Matrix for me is all about living in a false reality, based on compueterscripts that is being send into the brain.
despite what many believe this actually wasn´t
Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski ideas as a lot of konspiracy sites and people have discussed this all over the world long time before the movie the Matrix was being even thought of.

i will use this page to let people "if they want to" Discuss either how ludacris or true this isue is. so discuss away :).......

Photoshop creations and editorials

in here i will be showcasing some photoshop tutorial sites, my photoshop creations and editorials. so far i´ve only made a couple but i hope more will follow:

Jacob is the matix
i originaly made thins picture as an gif which i wanted to use on blogger,b ut later found out that it was not possible even though it would have looked cool with an animated backgound


first off all wanna play me at fifa08 and 09 send a message to JacobC-DK and i will beat you
if you want to check my stats go to
currently number 41 in the world and 2 in Denmark

this is my football part of the blog i will start by stating my favorite team in the whole wide world which is fc kopenhagen. here are some facts:

created july 1st 1992 as a structure between KB and B1903

Danish tournament:Gold 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2001, 1993
Silver 2005, 2002, 1994
Bronze 2008, 1998
cupwinner 2004, 1997, 1995
Coca-Cola Cup winner 1996 Super Cup winner 2004, 2001, 1995
Ørestad Cup winner 2000
winner 2002
Europa champions league Groupplay, 4. place, 7 pointa 2006/07
2. kvalifikationsround 2004/05
3. kvalifikationsround 2003/04
3. kvalifikationsround 2001/02
2. round 1993/94

Groupeplay, 4. place, 3 point 2007/08
1. runde 2005/06
2. runde 2003/041. runde 2002/03
3. runde 2001/02
1. runde 1994/95
2. runde 1992/93
TOTO Cup2. round 1999
winner 1992
Royal League
Runner-up 2007
winner 2006
winner 2005

top 3 results:

F.C.Kopenhagen-Manchester UTD. 1-0

F.C.Kopenhagen-Celtic F.C. 3-1

Lokomotiv Moskva-F.C.Kopenhagen 0-1

my favorite players:

Libor Sionko

Ailton Almeída


in here i will post another of my passions Vintage movie posters. i have always loved movies which are "older" mostly action movies like Pulp fiction scarface etc. and in my later years i have started gathering them because i think they are cool to hang up, plus it reminds me of the movies so this page it will mostly consist of movieposters and imdb descriptions but in time there will be added some youtube videos to.